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On-site chair massage

Available for corporate offices, events, and health fairs.

Chair Massages can be provided for any event including: health fairs, expo, employee appreciation, trade shows, company meetings, holiday parties, treating clients, or as a regular company benefit. 


Providing chair massages on a monthly/quarterly basis is a great way to engage your employees in more stress reduction strategies. This treatment promotes a relaxed and stress-free environment to help decrease and minimize tension build up. Relieving tension will help reduce stress and chronic pain like headaches, sciatica, and low back pain to name a few.

Benefits of Massage Therapy for workers.: 

- Relieves muscle tension and pain

- Enhance company appreciation 

- Improves mood and performance

- Increase productivity 

- Shows morale 

- Helps prevent burnout 

- Promotes valuable health benefits 

Chair massages are affordable with minimal time to set up. Rates will vary depending on the total of time and frequency of each session. Treatment typically last 10-20 minutes per client but we typically break it down to a 15-minute interval (4 clients per hour). 

Chair Massage

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