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we help change lives one body at a time.

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Whether your condition was caused by a sport, work accident, or otherwise, we help people live without pain.

Simona - Sports recovery specialist & MMT

Simona Simmons
Medical MT/Sports Recovery Specialist

Medical/Sports Massage Therapist and owner of BIOMOTIVES. Simona attended the University of Kansas earning a Bachelor’s in Human Biology and Applied Behavioral Science in 2020 while obtaining a medical technician and nurse assistant certification. Throughout college she worked a few years in healthcare and was also Vice President of the Student Equity and Inclusion workshop group. After graduation, she became dual licensed in Esthetics and Massage Therapy gaining experience in the wellness industry. She values the importance of continuing education holding certifications in pre-natal, medical massage, cryotherapy, stretch techniques, and sports/recovery massage to name a few. She has 6 years of experience in the medical field, spa, and body-work industry working with clients from recreational/professional athletes to retired. 


Growing up as an athlete and continuing an active lifestyle has shaped Simona's passion for sports recovery and manual therapy. She's learned through her own experiences & injuries how beneficial soft tissue work can be and enjoys sharing her work with others.

She uses a variety of methods to create a session specific to her client's goals. Protocols includes a variety of technique: Deep Tissue Manual Therapy, Trigger Point, Medical Massage, Decompression Cupping, Isolated Assisted Stretching, Sports Recovery, Compression and more.


License Massage Therapist (L.M.T)

Medical Manual Therapist (M.M.T)

Functional Range Assessment 

Manual Lymph Drainage

Sports Massage Therapy 

Child/Infant Manual Therapy

Stretch Practitioner (IAST)


every body is not built the same

our goal is to curate a plan that supports you through your wellness journey to feeling new again.

Pilates Exercise


wellness shapes every aspect of your daily lives


staying active plays an integral role in the body's energy balance


recovery allows the body to strengthen and repair itself

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