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Muscle tension, stress and fatigue can affect all of us, whether you're a competitive or recreational athlete, everyday runner, gardener, gamer or have busy working lives. Active or sedentary - you should find our massage treatments to be therapeutic and effective. Many people appreciate a variety of pressure treatments as they can feel the knot and tension released. You will become aware of how your body responds under stress by taking early steps to reduce high stress levels to full relaxation.

A common responsibility we share as a community is the maintenance of our vehicles, which is the driving force to reach our destination. The frequency idea of getting oil changes, tune-ups, and body work for our automobiles can be translated to our own driving force, our bodies. Imagine yourself having a gear shift that you can control within you and these different 'motives' are what to make us go. We offer services that complement which gear motive our clients are needing maintenance. Let our Gear-Model be a guide to choose services that are based on outcome goals.

peaceful park motive

The ability to unwind mental stress to promote tension release and mental clarity, all while creating more self-awareness. BioClarity, BioMaintenace

recovery motive

Recovery is a process that includes rest and refueling through nutrition, rehydration, regeneration (repair), resynthesis, and reduction of inflammation. BioRecovery, Biomaintenance

neutral motive

The state of complete tension release to allow the ability for deeper tissue manipulation, assistant stretching and range of motion. Transmission 90, BioBooster, BioRepair


The body's active state to achieve work and daily activities like running errands, DIY projects, or being simply active. BioClarity, BioMaintenance

sport motive

Professional or recreational athletes reaching a frequency of high peak performance. BioBooster, BioRecovery, BioRepair

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